Coach Tanner’s Observations on the Chess World: A Welcome from a New Source of Chess Information

Welcome to a new source of information on the world of chess! Although our focus is scholastic chess in the southeast part of the Phoenix area – and especially Eduprize Charter School, we will be covering ALL aspects of chess: Scholastic, Tournaments and Rules of Play, International News, Collectibles and more; we will cover all important chess relating to local, Arizona and U.S. Chess Federation.

Unfortunately, Arizona chess (especially S.E. Maricopa County and S.A.C.A.) which used to be among the jewels of US chess have deteriorated to where we have only a fraction of the clubs and events that used to exists. While we need to learn lessons from past mistakes, it is equally important to put the past behind us, work together and build for the future. Smart Chess (which also is the guiding body of Eduprize Chess Club) wants to promote chess in all of its facets. We solicit letters and suggestions to promote the royal game from all interested parties. You may do so by sending notes and letters to the contact listed in the SmartChess.Org menu.

We welcome ideas, news releases and lists of other events for promotion from all sources. To the best of our ability we will disseminate the information through our web-site and other means. All our welcome to contribute: parents, players, coaches, tournament directors and others.

We especially solicit the help of volunteers to help at tournaments or clubs. You may contact me at my personal cell number 480-668-4730, Rtannerae@aol, or this website.

Our first tournament was held on December 8, that event we picked up seven new U.S. Chess Federation rated members as well as few new players from the West Wood High School run by Coach Elizabeth Tanner.

Best wishes to all,

Robert Tanner,

Dec. 28, 2018


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